Grey Gardens


A few months ago we took a bit longer than a five minute break and booked a few nights away at Grey Gardens in Chewton.  Where??, I hear you ask. Chewton, I’ve never heard of it.  Well, I didn’t know much about it either, but it’s just before Castlemaine [if that helps].  Located in Central Victoria, Chewton is about a 90 min drive from Melbourne. It’s a stunning gold mining town almost frozen in time with many original mid 1800’s buildings still there to admire.  It’s the sort of place that makes me very nostalgic.

Anyway… back to Grey Gardens… I did my research, picked the weekend and had a couple of places I’d found that I thought looked really lovely.  In the end the photos of Grey Gardens sold it for me.  For me this house is all about balance.  The cathedral ceilings give the house an abundance of natural light and a wonderful sense of space.  At the same time the dark grey lounge room wall and black tiling in the kitchen defined the open plan room giving a warm, intimate feel.  With two bedrooms and two bathrooms Grey Gardens would make a perfect getaway with friends or a quiet escape for two.  It has exquisite linen which will want to make you re do your own bedroom at home. The Little Dandelion blanket delicately placed in a basket on the bedroom floor might not fit your bedroom makeover budget, but lovely to admire all the same.   

Availability, rates and more stunning photos can be found here.  

Grey Gardens1

grey gardens 3

If Grey Gardens isn’t available when you next want to take a more than 5 minute break try Riversdale Retreat or Red Brick Barn [both in Chewton]

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