If it’s toasted, it’s dinner

If it’s toasted, it’s dinner.


If it’s toasted, it’s dinner

We have this funny saying in our house that a sandwich is for lunch but if it’s toasted it’s perfectly acceptable for dinner.  Thank goodness Donna Hay agreed with me in Issue 16 of her magazine, if she published it, let’s run with that I say.

Same goes for boiled eggs and toast soldiers.  If I cook them for dinner I get told ‘that’s for breakfast!’ BUT… just recently I discovered the UK design duo Elaine and Stephen of Hop & Peck. Their handcrafted oak egg cups would allow you to serve boiled eggs at your next dinner party.   The table chatter would be about the unique design and superb craftsmanship – your guests would simply forget they were eating a humble boiled egg.

Here are three of my favourites –

chicken egg cupscooter
Mr & Mrs [pair]

1. Chicken [$22.50 AUD]
2. Scooter [$22.50 AUD]
3. Mr & Mrs [$30 AUD]

The great news is Hop & Peck ship internationally and calculate shipping cost on weight alone – there are no extras charged.

To find out more about Hop & Peck jump over to their website .

For a great Donna Hay toasted sandwich recipe click here.

* Note that these prices were converted to Australian Dollars on the day this post was written and are given as a guide only – they are subject to currency rate changes.

Bake it…just because

Nigella’s Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Nigella's cakeI’ve made both variations of this cake – with the almond meal and the flour and I have to say they are both equally good. The reason I love this recipe so much is I always have the ingredients in the pantry. You don’t need a block of chocolate, just cocoa powder and the rest of the ingredients I bet you have. So go on, bake it this weekend…just because!