Bake it…just because

Nigella’s Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Nigella's cakeI’ve made both variations of this cake – with the almond meal and the flour and I have to say they are both equally good. The reason I love this recipe so much is I always have the ingredients in the pantry. You don’t need a block of chocolate, just cocoa powder and the rest of the ingredients I bet you have. So go on, bake it this weekend…just because!


5 minute break

A break doesn’t need to be a holiday, it can be five minutes made special.

For this 5 minute break you’ll need two of your favourite biscuits [bought or homemade], a nice paper bag and some washi tape.


1. Chocolate Drought Biscuits ‘Apricots and Apron Strings’ by Julie Jansen

2. Floral Paper Bag [Pack of 10 $2.80] DAISO

3. Washi Tape [$4] BLANK goods

Advice from Christopher Robin

Advice from Christopher Robin

The very talented illustration and handwriting designer Molly Jacques is offering this as a free download.

Molly suggests printing it onto cardstock.  For more of Molly’s work have a look at our Pinterest link.

Robert and William

Robert and William

I love their matching outfits, especially the socks! This photo is from my collection of family photos. On the back in beautiful handwriting – ‘Bob and Bill – cousins’.